Jr. Dragsters: Champion Jack Weiler & R/U Charlie Weiler
King of the Hill: Champion Brad Lesnick & R/U Darby Otto
Pro ET Top 5: Champion Jenna Jahnke -- Shawn Anderson 2nd Place -- Dale Hildreth 3rd Place -- Dave Hamilton 4th Place and Mel Knott 5th Place
2015 Rock Falls Raceway Champions: Doug Mertinke - Super Pro -- Jenna Jahnke - Pro ET -- Brad Lesnick - King of the Hill -- Dave Anderson - Street Eliminator and Jack Weiler - Jr. Dragster
Street Eliminator: Champion Dave Anderson & R/U Paul Songas
Super Pro Top 5: Eric Anderson R/U -- Champion Doug Mertinke -- Shawn Anderson 3rd Place -- Joe Marx 4th Place -- Marilee Moses 5th Place (tie) and Ryan Paske 5th Place (tie)
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  • Unfortunate!! Weather Got Us!! — $5k Rained Out
    Well as the title of this post goes, it pretty much says it all "WEATHER GOT US".  Our Test Day was completed, did track prep for $5k and it started to rain.  It rained off and on and we tried...
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  • NEW — Rock Falls Raceway Text Messaging App
    We've got a new feature - its a Text Messaging App!! Get updates on upcoming events, reminders, postponements and cancellations on Rock Falls Raceway events and happenings by text message!!  All you need to do is type the keyword RFR to 57711, follow...
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    SLICKS!!  Are you replacing your slicks on the race car and don't want to pay to get rid of them or don't know what to do with them?  Well Rock Falls Raceway will gladly take them off of your hands....
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  • Division 5 ET FINALS UPDATE!
    ET FINALS REMINDER!!  If you are interested or planning to attend the ET Finals (September 16-18 in Topeka, KS) on behalf of Rock Falls Raceway you must be signed up by Sunday, August 28.  The team will be set early...
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  • Looking for Starting Line Employees!!
    Rock Falls Raceway is looking for hard-working, dedicated, honest and dependable people who have a passion for drag racing to work on the starting line at Rock Falls Raceway!!  This is part-time seasonal work and weekends only.  Please contact Jennifer...
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