Jr. Dragsters: Champion Jack Weiler & R/U Charlie Weiler
King of the Hill: Champion Brad Lesnick & R/U Darby Otto
Pro ET Top 5: Champion Jenna Jahnke -- Shawn Anderson 2nd Place -- Dale Hildreth 3rd Place -- Dave Hamilton 4th Place and Mel Knott 5th Place
2015 Rock Falls Raceway Champions: Doug Mertinke - Super Pro -- Jenna Jahnke - Pro ET -- Brad Lesnick - King of the Hill -- Dave Anderson - Street Eliminator and Jack Weiler - Jr. Dragster
Street Eliminator: Champion Dave Anderson & R/U Paul Songas
Super Pro Top 5: Eric Anderson R/U -- Champion Doug Mertinke -- Shawn Anderson 3rd Place -- Joe Marx 4th Place -- Marilee Moses 5th Place (tie) and Ryan Paske 5th Place (tie)
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  • Big $5k/$2k Bracket Bash this Weekend – June 25-26!!
    Big thanks goes out to Tom Dahlberg from 101 Transport, Inc. who is sponsoring the best losing packages and drawings for this coming weekend's Big $5k/$2k Bracket Bash!!  Thanks Tom, very much appreciated!! Hope to see everyone there!!  Parking starts...
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  • $5k/$2k Big $$ Bracket Bash Flyer
    Evidently there have been some issues with the $5k/$2k Big $$ Bracket Bash Flyer so I am hoping this time it works.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Thanks and hoping to see you next Weekend - June 25-26!! Bracket Bash...
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  • Big $$ Race – June 25-26 — Just a Few Reminders
    The $5k/$2k Big $$ Bracket Bash is coming up soon Sat/Sun June 25-26!!  Just wanted to remind everyone of a few things. 1)  Super Pro ET Cutoff is 7.50 and slower -- Nothing Quicker than 7.50. 2)  Pro ET is...
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  • The Rock Will Take Your Used Slicks!!
    If you're looking to change tires and get rid of your old Slicks, we'll take them for one of our drags!!  Not accepting any other tires, just SLICKS ONLY!!  Bring them with you and drop them off at the track!!...
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  • Sunday Morning (6/12) Update: We are Good to Go!!
    Weather front moved through earlier this morning and it totally missed us - seriously!!  We got nothing but a few sprinkles - Track is DRY!!  Muscle Car Race & Gassers from Meltdown Drags are a GO!!  Come on out and...
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Saturday July 9 - Bikes ONLY Drag Race

From 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. approx.

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