Rock Falls Raceway
2-Day $5K/$2K Bracket Bash

Sat/Sun -- June 21-22, 2014

Presented By:

101 Transport, Inc.


Rock Falls Raceway

Saturday COMBO Payout & ET Breaks

(Box: 7.50 to 11.99)
(No Box: 9.00 and Slower (Door Slammers/Bikes/Sleds Only)

$5000 to Win$2000 Runner-Up
Rd. 7 Loser $1000
Rd. 6 Loser $500
Rd. 5 Loser $225
Rd. 4 Loser $125                                   NO BUYBACKS!!
Rd. 3 Loser $75

Sunday COMBO Payout & ET Breaks

(Box: 7.50 to 11.99)
(No Box: 9.00 and Slower (Door Slammers/Bikes/Sleds Only)

$2000 to Win$1000 Runner Up
Rd. 7 Loser $400
Rd. 6 Loser $300
Rd. 5 Loser $150                                         NO BUYBACKS!!
Rd. 4 Loser $100
Rd. 3 Loser $75

The Combo Race is considered 1 class. Both categories (Box and No Box) will race each other until they are down to 1. These 2 will then race off for the Winner/RU payout. 

                      DOUBLE ENTRIES ALLOWED!! 
                                                        1 IN EA CLASS (BOX and NO BOX PER DAY!!)



Entry Fee:      $220 for 2-day Race
                            2-Day Crew: $25 (13 & Older)
                            2-Day Seniors: $20
                            Kids (8-12) – $10 (7 & Under -- FREE)

Saturday Race Entry Only: $180                         NO BUYBACKS!!
Sunday Race Entry Only: $105

1 Entry Per Driver, Per Vehicle, Per Category, Per Day!! 
Double Entries Allowed (1 in each class (Box & No Box), per day)

Pit Side Parking Starts Friday, June 20: 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
(After 9 p.m. you will park on the Spectator side until Sat. morning)

Saturday June 21:  Gates Open at 7 a.m. / $49 Test Day from 8:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. / Time Trials for Race @ 12:15 p.m.
(2 Time Trials Sessions are planned) w/ Eliminations to Follow

Sunday June 22: Gates Open at 7 a.m. / Time Trials @ 8:30 a.m. / Eliminations around 12 noon

Street Eliminator & King of the Hill Trophy Classes will also be run as normal w/ the same entry fee ($40). ALL RFR Members will receive points in all classes as normal. Gambler Races are on the schedule and will be run if time allows. There will be no Last Chance Eliminator or Guts Gambler Races on Sun. June 22.

The 2-Day Combo Race is considered a 1-Class Race on each day and will be run as a 1/4 mile drag race. However, this class will be divided into a Box & No Box Category. The No Box Class is for door slammers/bikes/sleds only w/NO Electronics (delay boxes, stutter boxes or throttle stops). Box & No Box will run separately until there is 1 remaining in each class. These 2 will then run off for the Winner/RU Payout!!   (No NHRA Gold Cards Accepted for this Event!)
Prizes for Best Losing Package will be awarded to a driver in both Box & No Box for both the 1st and 2nd rounds of regular eliminations for both Saturday & Sunday's Big $$ Race!! 

A Special thanks goes out to the following sponsors for their donations to those prizes:  United Trailer Leasing, Riverfront Athletic Club, Royal Tire, Marc O Builders and Dahlberg Motorsports!!  Thank You Very Much!!

In the Event of Rain
: If it rains on Sat. June 21 we will push the money from the Sat. race to Sun and run for $7000 to Win/$3000 R/U. If the Sun. June 22 race is rained out we will run that on Sun. July 13. If the entire weekend’s event is rained out, we will run the event in its entirety the weekend of Sat/Sun July 12-13, 2014.  There will be NO REFUNDS or CREDITS if you are unable to attend the makeup race.  Sorry but we CANNOT CONTROL the weather!!

will be used and will be on for this event. This will effect the Box Category only. If you do NOT want Crosstalk, you MUST put an "N" AFTER your Dial-In. If you do not, we are not responsible for your error.

Dial In’s: Once you cross the yellow line at the front of the staging lanes no dial-in can be changed. If there is down time due to a delay by the track due to breakage, etc. you may change your dial-in BUT you MUST notify your opponent that you have done so. If your car breaks or cannot start after you have been paired and crossed the yellow line at the front of the staging lanes, your opponent will get a competition bye. If your car breaks or cannot start and you have already been paired but have NOT crossed the front of the staging lanes, you will be held there until the final pair in your category goes down. If you cannot start by then, your opponent will then receive a competition bye. DO NOT PRE-STAGE if the dial-in on the scoreboard is incorrect. Once you pre-stage your car, you have accepted your dial-in on the scoreboard. The Driver is responsible for checking the dial-in (right or wrong) and no re-runs will be made for wrong dial-ins. If your Dial-In is wrong, immediately notify the starter so we can change it.

Byes: Byes will be chosen based on the best reaction time from the previous round. 1st Rd byes will be chosen from the first perfect reaction time or best r/t in time trials for each category. A Bye will carry from round to round until a racer uses it, loses or the category is put on a ladder at which time the ladder rules. The categories will be put on a ladder (separately) at the track’s discretion but likely when the categories are less than 32 in ea.

Time Trials will be run in sessions based on your category.
Listen to the PA System or tune in to 89.1 FM on your radio.
Speed Limit is 10 mph in the pits. This includes race vehicles AND pit vehicles.
Race Fuel Available: Sunoco 110 Octane Only.

RFR will follow the tech rules of the 2014 NHRA Rulebook w/ revisions but final say is by the Track. All vehicles are subject to tear down or vehicle inspection at any time. We, the track, reserve the right to dismiss any participant or spectator from our race facility. All cars must meet all tech and safety rules. Illegal Timers found in any Box or No Box vehicle could result in severe punishment and racers may be banned from all NHRA tracks permanently. You MUST be 16 years of age and a licensed driver to operate a Pit Bike or Golf Cart. You must have a 2014 Pit Vehicle Sticker which you can obtain from the track. All Pit Vehicles MUST have lights on it operated after dark.

As always, schedule may be adjusted, if needed, due to extenuating circumstances.


For further information or questions not answered here please contact Jennifer at Jennifer@RockFallsRaceway.Com or call (715) 858-0170.
(More Info w/ regard to this race will be added to the website as it becomes available, so, please keep checking back.)

Last Edited on 5/14/14.