Sat. May 20 Prepped Grudge Race CANCELLED

Please be advised that tomorrow's Sat. May 20 Prepped Grudge Race in conjunction with One Guy's Garage Street Car Series has been CANCELLED due to weather!!  Sorry!!

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  1. I want sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Jennifer Anderson
      Me too!!
  2. Good Morning Race Fans & Greetings to Jennifer! Hey it is almost as soggy as the last time Noah built a drag boat... er I mean 'ark'! Is the "High School Challenge" still on for today? Just wanting to know before we put our little convoy together this morning. (p.s. I am sorry to say that I am still not feeling well enough to join in the fun, but I am darn sure there in spirit!) Thank You Jennifer!!!
    • Jennifer Anderson
      We're sure going to try and pull it off. Things are still wet here but again, we will certainly try to pull off this event. But as we all know, can't control Mother Nature. Keeping our fingers crossed!! :) Get well my friend!

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