High School Challenge Races

Rock Falls Raceway will hold 2 High School Challenge Races in 2015!!

The Dates for those events are:

Saturday, June 6
Saturday, September 26

Student drivers will run again kids their own age from other high schools. 

All drivers must be either a current high school student or have graduated from high school in the current school year of 2015.  ALL Drivers MUST have a VALID state driver's license.  NO PERMITS ARE ALLOWED!!

All drivers must also have a signed Minor Release by their parents in order to participate.  Those Releases can be obtained from Jennifer by contacting her at (715) 858-0170.  If parents are planning to attend with their student the day of the event, the form can be obtained and filled out that day.  BOTH parents must sign the Minor Release unless a parent has full parental custody/rights.

Drivers must also wear long pants, close toed shoes and at least a short sleeved shirt.  NO SHORTS, TANK TOPS/MUSCLE SHIRTS OR SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS ARE ALLOWED!!

Last Edited:  7/8/2015