Saturday Nite Special

The Saturday Nite Special Races are open to ALL Racers.

Come join us for the Saturday Nite Special in 2014!!  This year the Saturday Nite Special will be held, once again, after almost every Test Day before a Bracket Race starting with the first one on May 3.

  • CONTINUING for 2014:  The payout is as follows:  $500/Win, $200/RU and $100/Semis.  If the number of entries 1st round exceeds 65 or more the payout increases to $750/Win, $300/RU and $125/Semis.   Payout will be adjusted to the standard gambler's race format if there are 32 vehicles or less in Rd. 1.

  • Come out to the Test Day, you can test and tune your car for just $69 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  (Or buy the 5/$250 and save some $$$)

  • If you've been testing, the cost to enter the Saturday Nite Special is just $30. 

  • If you haven't run the Test Day come and race anyway and your cost is just $49 to race and crew are $5 (if you arrive after 2 p.m.) Otherwise the crew fee is still $10/day before 2 p.m.   Camping fees still apply for Sat Nite Special Racers who do not test!! 

  • The Test Day shuts down at 3:30 p.m. and each Sat. Nite Special competitor will get one time trial, then its right in to eliminations around 4 p.m. 

  • The no box and box vehicles will be run separately until the total field (combination of both classes) reaches 16 or less.  At that time we will then put the remaining competitors on a ladder for the final rounds of  competition. 

IMPORTANT TECH UPDATE:  Effective 1/1/12 Snell 2000 Helmets are no longer valid for use in drag racing.  Please check your helmet and if you have a Snell 2000 you will need to replace it prior to competing in any competition at any NHRA sanctioned racetrack starting 1/1/2012.  The Snell K98 and Snell 95 helmets are expired and no exceptions will be made for use of this model of helmet if you are running 13.99 and quicker in the 1/4 mile or 8.59 in the 1/8th mile.    Currently, acceptable helmets are the Snell 2005 and Snell 2010.  Please also remind your fellow racers to check their helmets as well!!  Thanks.


Last Edited:  3/6/14.