Rock Falls Raceway began life as “Amber Green Dragway” in May 1969. Opened by Dr. Ralph C. Frank, and managed by his son Bill, the drag strip had humble but successful beginnings on a 90-acre plot only nine miles southwest of Eau Claire. Only one month after its incorporation, the National Association Automobile Racing hosted the raceway’s first sanctioned racing event.

Within the first year of its incorporation, the Frank family carried out several improvements to the facility such as doubling the width of the track, and adding 1,000 feet to the shutdown area. A typical Sunday in the early 70’s saw an average of around 125 entries!

In 1973 and ’74, the manager role was shuffled a few times, but eventually came back under the supervision of Bill Frank until the sale of the raceway in 1979. Under new ownership, “Amber Green Dragway” then became “Rock Falls Dragway,” which hosted a variety of events through the 80’s and into the 90’s including usual racing categories as well as others like High Noon, Last Chance Eliminator, and King of the Hill.

“A New Era.”

In October of 2015, Rock Falls Raceway owner Al Corda announced the sale of the raceway to local businessman and Sportsman racer Jim Greenheck. Jim and his company CTECH Manufacturing are based out of Schofield, WI. Along with the sale of the racetrack, several improvements to the facility were immediately announced, which included re-paving of the racing surface, expanded turn-off areas and more. Major improvements to the surrounding facilities are said to be planned for the near future. Jennifer Anderson, existing Track Manager, continues to handle the day-to-day operation of the track.

With the support of Jim Greenheck and CTECH Manufacturing, sentiments from those who are encouraged by the transfer of ownership are pointing towards a revitalization of the Sportsman racing experience as well as renewed prospects for the future of the facility. It’s a new age for Rock Falls Raceway!

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