2019 RFR Point Standings as ofOctober 1, 2019

Click on the link below (in RED) to see the Point Standings for each Class.  Do not hesitate to contact Jennifer if YOUR point standings are incorrect or you have a question.  Thank you!!

POINT STANDINGS CLARIFICATIONPlease be advised that the Points Standings as they currently stand assumed we would end up getting 7 of 9 events in for 2019 (after the first 2 events were rained out).  Point being that 2 events would be dropped out of the total amount of Events that were held, meaning everyone would be able to throw 2 away or miss 2 events. As such, IF we are NOT able to get an 8th event in before the season ends, the points will be configured with best 5 of 7 events, or if we do get an 8th one in next weekend, it will be best 6 of 8 - still throwing the worst 2 or missed 2 away.

2019 Super Pro Points

2019 Pro ET Points

2019 King of the Hill Points

2019 Street Eliminator Points

2019 Jr Dragster Points






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