Fall-Out #4 “Know Before You Go”

Huge 'Thank You!' to the folks at Vintage Drag Racing 101 for putting this together! Whether you've been here 100 times, or this weekend will be your first visit, you're sure to find some useful information in this handout. From directions, to schedule, to procedure and regulations. This document has you covered! Download a PDF HERE, or browse through the content below.

Of course, if you still have questions about anything, please let us know!


Rock Falls Raceway:
• Physical Address: N1790 1000th St, Eau Claire, WI 54701
• www.RockFallsRaceway.com

Arriving at the Event:
ALL Racers & Spectator Campers will all ENTER at GATE 1 (Pit Side/Racer Gate) Top of Hill, Turn Left into Pits. There will be NO racers or rigs entering at the Spectator Side because we do not have the ability to take them over there, it will be for Spectator PARKING only.
• The Gate will be open for race cars during the following times:
o Thursday (9/19) from 3:00 PM until 7:00 p.m. AFTER 7 you will park/hold in the staging lanes until the gates reopen at 9 a.m. on Friday.
o Friday (9/20) from 9:00 am until 7:00 p.m.
o Saturday (9/21) from 8:00 am until 7:00p.m.
• Please do not show up early…the gates will not open until the time specified above.

• The cost to race is $35 per day.
• The cost to camp is FREE for Racers. Cost to Camp for Spectators is a flat $10/night per camper/motorhome.
• The cost for pit vehicles is $10 and requires a signed Motorized Pit Vehicle Form w/ Sticker which can be obtained from/at the track.
• The cost to spectate is $15/day.

You can purchase Tech Cards & complete Tech Inspection on Thursday evening as well so we can try and keep up with everything and make things go smoother on Friday. You will need to purchase a new tech card on Saturday even if you have one from Friday. Remember your car number.

• Parking at the Fallout is easy…park wherever you want past the first section at about ½ track. Park close together. We will be short on space. The front section next to the track is reserved handicap parking and swap meet. Car show is yet to be determined.

Tech Inspection:
• Track personnel will be performing tech inspections according to NHRA guidelines.
• We recommend having your car tech inspected as soon as possible on Friday or Saturday.
• NO Anti-freeze in radiators, water only. THIS WILL BE CHECKED! This expedites the cleanup of the track if spilled
• Safety is Rule #1 of the Fallout…make sure your vehicle is safe to race.
• VDR101 LLC is not responsible for and does not make the final call on who can or cannot race.

Classing & Staging Lanes:
• There will be signs indicating which lane(s) are for which car classes, please follow these guidelines as nobody
wants to see a 9 second FED race a 15 second mustang. This is a vintage drag meet, please stick to your lanes
and the class you were assigned.
• You should line up with the car you are going to race in front or behind you…NOT side-by-side.
• Cars are not called to race, you can go into the staging lanes to race as frequent as you like.

• Safety is rule number one with VDR101 and we want everyone to be safe.
• If you get loose…BE SAFE…Let OFF the Throttle…If you notice something seems
wrong…BE SAFE…If you’re on the track, as quickly and safely as possible, pull
over to the side of the track/guardrail and STOP – track personnel will come to
assist you. If you’re off the track, investigate it and fix it.
• Watch out for spectators…BE SAFE…some of them cannot seem to hear cars with open headers.
• No vehicles without headlights after dark (golf carts, bikes, etc.). No children (under the age of 16) driving golf
carts or other motorized vehicles.
• MINI BIKES ARE ALLOWED! ALL Motorized Pit Vehicles require a Motorized Pit Vehicle Form and Sticker for this
event. Cost is $10.
• Any unsafe behavior in the pits will lead to you being ejected from the event.

Staying overnight at the track:
• The track does NOT have showers for you to use.
• The track does not provide electrical power…you will need to bring a generator.

Fallout event Merchandise:
• Look for the VDR101 booth, it is across from the swap meet.
• You will find shirts, hats, shop shirts, posters, videos, etc.
• Get there early to buy your event shirt and other goodies before they sell out.
• Your support at this booth makes the Fallout possible.
• Make sure you look for the limited edition Fallout shirt!

Motor Giveaway:
• One of the racers is going to go home with a brand new Chevrolet small block motor courtesy of Suburban
Chevrolet in Minnesota! You have 1 in 150 odds of going home with a motor! You must be present to win!

Saturday Night Thank You:
• As a “Thank You”, VDR101 is providing a complimentary meal to all drivers who wear a Meltdown or Fallout shirt
at the event.
• The meal will consist of chicken and sides…you will need to bring your own beverages
• Please bring a desert to share.
• The meal will be served around 6:30 pm on Saturday.

• If your motor is exposed – it must be period correct (i.e. no LS1 engine in a rail)
• If your motor is not period correct – the hood must remain closed.
• All scoops must be period correct…no snorkel hood or cowl induction hoods.
• If you use hood pins or another means to fasten you hood – MAKE SURE IT IS SECURE EVERY RUN!
Wheels & Tires:
• By now everyone knows that only period correct wheels are allowed.
• If you are trying to be “tricky” and paint some center lines or trailer tires – YOU WILL NOT RACE.
• All modern lettering must be removed from tires, here is a safe way to remove it:

Modern Speed Items:
• Nitrous Oxide equipment is not allowed to be present on any vehicle at this event.
• Two Step Rev Limiters and Turbochargers are not allowed.
• No PRO TREE, no exceptions. This is a vintage drag meet!

Event Hours:
Thursday, September 19th:
• The gate will be open from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm
• Thursday is only for arriving and getting parked
Friday, September 20th:
• The racer/spectator gate (EVERYONE Enter @ Gate 3) will open at 9:00 a.m.
• A short driver meeting will take place at 11:45 am.
• Racing will start at Noon
• Racing will conclude once it becomes dark (approximately 7:00 pm)
Saturday, September 21th
• The racer gate will open at 8:00 am
• A short driver meeting will take place at 9:45 am.
• Racing will start at 10:00 am.
• Racing will conclude once it becomes dark (approximately 7:00 pm)
Sunday, September 22th
• The track is holding a muscle car race and you are more than welcome to participate, however it is not part of the Fall-Out.
Thank you for joining us to create another great vintage drag racing event. We are showing a whole new group of fans what Vintage Drag Racing 101 is all about. We put this event on for you and the fans. Thank you for being part of it and making it something special.

These general rules are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish standards for such events. By entering and participating in an event, participants are deemed to understand and accept these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF THESE RULES OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES. They are intended as a guide for conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. These are general technical guidelines for Rock Falls Raceway. Please check your class rules for any class specific amendments. Please refer to the 2017 NHRA Rulebook for complete rules listings. For rules clarification, contact Rock Falls Raceway at Jennifer@RockFallsRaceway.Com or call (715) 858-0170.

Credentials: Drivers must have a valid unrestricted state or government issued driver’s license, with no underage driving restrictions (i.e. supervised, provisional, etc.). NHRA Competition License required to run 9.99 or quicker or 135 mph or faster.

Helmet: If your car runs 13.99 or quicker, you must have a helmet with a SNELL 2010 rating or newer.

Seat Belts: Must be properly mounted and up to date. Driver restraint systems meeting SFI 16.1 mandatory in any car running 11.49 or quicker and in convertibles running 13.49 or quicker. SFI 16.1 includes crotch strap and must be updated at 2-year intervals from date of manufacture.

Roll Bar: Mandatory in cars running 11.00 to 11.49 (including T-Tops), in convertibles running 11.00 to 13.49, and all dune-buggy type vehicles running 12.00 and slower. See NHRA Rulebook Sec. 4A. Padding required anywhere the helmet may impact the roll bar or roll cage.

Roll Cage: Mandatory in any car running 10.99 or quicker or any car exceeding 135 mph. In convertibles running 10.99 or quicker or exceeding 135 mph, roll cage Mandatory. Padding required anywhere the helmet may impact the roll bar or roll cage.

General Clothing: Full-length pants; short- or long-sleeved shirt; closed shoes; and socks. No shorts. No tank tops. No open-toe or open-heel shoes or sandals. Synthetic clothing not recommended.

Fire Jackets: Required for drivers in cars running 11.49 or quicker meeting SFI spec. 3.2A/1; Drivers in cars running 9.99 and quicker must have jackets and pants, meeting SFI spec. 3.2A/5.

Master Cutoff: A master cutoff for a battery is required for any car where the battery is relocated. Battery must be securely mounted as described in the NHRA Rulebook.

Anti-Freeze: Is strictly prohibited. Water Wetter or other chemicals, Etc. are also prohibited. Water only.

Catch Can: A radiator catch can is required for Water overflow. One pint (16-ounces) minimum.
NHRA Chassis Sticker and competition license required for cars running 9.99 or quicker or running 135 MPH or faster.
After market harmonic balancer mandatory on all cars running 10.99 or quicker (SFI spec. 18.1)

Driveshaft loop: A driveshaft loop is required on all vehicles running 13.99 or quicker and utilizing slicks; except vehicles running 11.49 or slower equipped with street tires.
Wheels: All hubcaps and trim rings must be removed.

Transmission: All automatic transmissions must have operational neutral safety switches and reverse lockout.

Passengers: Passengers are allowed with appropriate safety equipment and running a time of 14.00 or slower.

Rear Seat: Rear seat or sheet metal firewall required to isolate trunk from driver’s cockpit. Parachute: Required when running 9.99 or quicker or 150 mph or faster.

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