Three (3) Muscle Car Only Drag Races will be held in 2019.  The dates for those races are:

Sunday, June 23
Saturday, August 3 and
Sunday, September 22.

Gates Open at 8 a.m.
Time Trials at 9 a.m.
Eliminations around 1-1:30 p.m.
Cost to race is $42
Spectators:  $12.

Class Eliminations will be conducted in 1/2 second increments.  For example, if your car runs 12:33 your class would be 12:00 to 12:49 and so on.  The first car of each pair that gets to the finish line first, wins (UNLESS the 1st car/driver has “broke out” which is running under your specific index.)  If you win two rounds of competition, you win a trophy.  If you lose 1st or 2nd round of your eliminator, we have a free consolation race.  The Consolation Race eliminations will be run bracket racing style with dial-ins and the final 4 racers will receive trophies!!   We may also have some head to head competition between different manufacturers, i.e., Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc.  Further details will follow later.  General NHRA rules apply.  Street, DOT or slicks allowed.  Open exhaust or mufflers also allowed.

Also, because of some phone calls we have received to clarify what we will accept for a Muscle Car, anything that is 1972 and older is accepted but we will also accept any late model muscle car from ’73 to present.

For further information contact Jennifer @ (715) 858-0170 or Jennifer@RockFallsRaceway.Com.

IMPORTANT TECH UPDATE:  Effective 1/1/17 Snell 2005 helmets are no longer valid for use in drag racing.  Please check your helmet and if you have a Snell 2005 you will need to replace it (IF your vehicle runs 13.99 or quicker in the 1/4 mile) prior to competing in any competition at any NHRA sanctioned racetrack.  The Snell 2000, K98 and 95 helmets are also expired and no exceptions will be made for use of this model of helmet if you are running 13.99 and quicker in the 1/4 mile or 8.59 in the 1/8th mile.    Acceptable helmets are the Snell 2010 and Snell 2015.  Please also remind your fellow racers to check their helmets as well!!  Thanks.

Please also be reminded that if your vehicle runs 9.99 or quicker or OVER 135 mph in the 1/4 mile you MUST have a Chassis Certification as well as a NHRA Competition License!!  If this applies to you and you do not have this, you will need to either slow your vehicle down OR make the necessary arrangements to get your NHRA Competition License.  Contact Jennifer at the info #/email listed above to do this.

REMINDERAny car that runs 9.99 or quicker or 135+ mph in the 1/4 mile is required to have a NHRA accepted Engine Diaper or Lower Engine Oil Containment Device. 



Last Revised 5/27/2019.

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