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Jason Charlton - Super Pro Winner 10/8/17

Dave Schmidt - Pro ET Winner 10/8/17

Joey Marko - King of the Hill Winner 10/8/17

Mark Wickstrom - Street Eliminator Winner & Trophy Street Bike Winner 10/8/17

Ryan Paske - 2017 King of the Track

Shawn Anderson - 2016 King of the Track


1 thought on “ROCK FALLS RACEWAY 10/8/17 RACE RESULTS”

  1. I want to give a shout to Jennifer and the whole awesome crew that works so hard to give our racing experience the best every week-end all year long. When the rain screwed things up they worked hard and long to get us racing.
    Also a shout to all the racers for being friendly, helpful and answering questions for us novice racers. What a great 2017 year at Rock Falls Raceway.
    Last but not least a big thank you to CTech for all the updates to the track!

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