Sat/Sun April 21-22 Test Day & Sport Compacts Race CANCELLED


Please be advised that the Test Day & Sport Compacts Race scheduled for this weekend Sat/Sun April 21-22 has been CANCELLED, once again due to weather!! With the foot of snow we received over the weekend and cooler temps until the end of the week, the ability to have the snow gone and complete track prep in order to have a safe racing surface for our racers, just will not be possible, as much as we would like it to be. The Chassis Certification however IS STILL ON for this Saturday, April 21 at Rock Falls Raceway. If you are on my list, and for some reason cannot make it, please do contact me to let me know, as I do have people on a waiting list. I can be reached at Jennifer@RockFallsRaceway.Com, through FB Messenger or at (715) 858-0170. Let’s hope that Winter has made its final appearance and that we can look forward to a late spring and a great drag racing event on April 28-29 with a Test Day, Sat. Nite Special & Bracket Drag Race!! We’ll keep you posted!! Thank you again for your patience with Mother Nature. She is a force to be reckoned with and one we cannot control!!


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