Saturday, October 7 Test Day & Sat. Nite Special – RAINED OUT!!

Please be advised that the Test Day & Sat. Nite Special Race scheduled for Saturday, October 7 has been CANCELLED due to rain/weather.  In light of the 90% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow we have elected to cancel early enough to provide people with the opportunity to make alternate plans for tomorrow.  That being said, the weather for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8 looks FANTASTIC!!  Sunny & 72 degrees.  Come on out and join us for our last Bracket Race of the 2017 season.  King of the Track for both 2017 and 2016 will be contested as well as the race to the Championships in most of the classes will be decided!!  Sunday’s race is OPEN TO ALL RACERS!!  Super Pro & Pro ET will pay $1000 to Win and we’ve also got our 4 trophy classes (Street Eliminator, King of the Hill, Trophy Street Bike & Sport Compacts)!!  Don’t miss the last bracket event of the season.  We are still open for two more weekends with Test Days on Saturday, October 14 and 21 and a Fun Race on Sunday, October 15 followed by our last event, a Sport Compacts race on Sunday, October 22!!  Plan accordingly and come on out for your last drag down the 1/4 mile in 2017!!  Thanks to everyone for their support this season!!  Looking forward to 2018 and another amazing year here at Rock Falls Raceway!!

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